Pyhasalmi mine students
Advanced trainings for mining industry professionals

Tailor-made course examples

We offer advanced tailor-made trainings based on your needs in English and in Finnish in Pyhäsalmi and online. 

Work at High Training

Content for exampe:

Risks, Slips, Trips and Falls?
Preventing Fall Fatalities
Preventing and eliminating slip, trip and fall hazards
Exercise –Rope Carry & Rescue
Exercise –Descending, anchors, knots, stoppers
Exercise –Lowering, Raising

Duration 2 days

Mining Safety & Emergency

Content for example:

Mining safety requirements?
Working safety and hazards prevention at Pyhäsalmi mine
Traffic -machines, vehicles and safety requirements
Exercise –Emergency situation
Exercise –Refuge chambers
Exercise –Pyhäsalmi mine tour

Duration 2 days

Underground Safety II

Content for example:

Theory and orientation
Fire, toxic atmospheres, gas explosions, chemical hazards
Structural collapse of tunnels
Flood, dust, noise, blasting
Exercise –Emergency situation
Exercise –Vehicle fire & rescue
Exercise –Mine shaft rescue

Duration 2 days


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